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The Start-Up Package

Brand New Entrepreneurs
Whether you’re currently employed (receiving a T-4) and you want to save on your taxes each year, or you’re a brand-new entrepreneur just getting started, we can take care of everything for you.

The Catch-Up Package

Established Entrepreneurs
You’re working hard at your business, but unfortunately, you’ve gotten a little behind on your bookkeeping, taxes, or HST remittances. No worries! Let us help you get caught up!

The Clean-Up Package

Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs
Whether you’ve let things slide and now you are on the government’s radar, or you’ve just gotten the news that you’re about to be audited, don’t be embarrassed!  Let us deal with the Canada Revenue Agency for you.
Let us get you set up and ready to go with help with everything from setting up your QuickBooks Online, to Payroll and much more!
No matter what level of support you need with your T-slips, we have you covered!
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Need a little help as the sole proprietor of your business? We can take care of everything from HST reporting, to business strategy, contacting the CRA on your behalf, and much more!

Our Services

Business Start Up

Whether you want to save on your taxes, or you’re a brand-new entrepreneur, we can take care of everything for you.

Personal Income Tax

Don’t pay a penny more than you need to. We make sure all your applicable expenses are claimed.

Bookkeeping Services

We assist businesses of all sizes in implementing and maintaining computerized bookkeeping systems.

CRA Audits

Dealing with Canada Revenue Agency doesn’t have to be scary. Let us negotiate on your behalf.


Let us share the best tips & secrets with your team including; ‘Everything the CRA Doesn’t Want You to Know’.

Payroll & Remittances

Whether its payroll, HST, or WSIB remittances, let us get it done accurately and on time.

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