“Exceptional Service from Books In Line!
5 stars all the way!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I cannot recommend Books In Line highly enough! From start to finish, they provided exceptional service and expertise. The team’s professionalism and attention to detail truly set them apart. Communication was always prompt and clear, making the entire process seamless. If you’re looking for the best of the best accounting services, look no further than Books In Line. They exceeded all of my expectations, and I am so grateful to have them as a partner in managing my financial affairs. Many thanks again to Shaelene, Joanie & Annette and all of your team 🙏”

Christopher Garrett

“I remember the day I met Shaelene. She exuded this intelligence and confidence. I thought to myself ‘I have got to connect myself with this woman!’ I was starting my Financial Planning Practice and I did not have time for my husband’s bookkeeping and taxes. Without hesitation, I met with Shaelene. And she did not disappoint. Throughout the years, I used her and her team on different levels. They helped me set up my quickbooks system. They handled the data entry. They helped with filing. There is never ‘no, I can’t do that.’ Her team is amazing and very down to earth and easy to work with. Shaelene and staff became an extension of my family. I can count on them when I need them. I have referred many people to Books In Line because I know they deliver on what they say. What a great team.”

Mary Hayes | Office Manager

“Thank you, Shaelene, and your team at Books In Line. When my business grew by leaps and bounds in a short period of time a couple years ago, Shaelene and her team were patient with me as I learned from them; they helped me to understand and manage my company’s growth in the books. I am so glad I made the big decision to hire out this tedious service, so I can spend my time growing MY business. Shaelene’s constant attention to detail, and firm but courteous hand in dealing with me and the CRA on my behalf, leads me to rest easy and trust that my company’s books are always in line.”

Karen Marth | Owner
Core Cleaning

“I have a small home-based business and find much comfort and security in knowing that my business and personal taxes are properly prepared and submitted.  Shaelene and her staff at Books in Line are always warm and welcoming, and are willing to answer any questions or concerns. Their professionalism brings a sense of comfort to the stress of dealing with the preparation and filing of tax returns.  I also bring my elderly mother to have her taxes prepared and submitted and she always enjoys her visits with Shaelene knowing that her taxes are properly and securely filed each year. Thank you to Shaelene and her wonderful staff for continued excellent customer care.  See you next year!”

Patricia Pearsell

“In a competitive market, being able to focus on what you’re good at is critical. But this means you need people on your team you can trust; especially when it comes to your accounts. I thought I had this before, but Books In Line has shown me what it truly means to have another organization that feels like an extension to your own team and not just a “vendor”. When Shaelene works with you, you feel like you’re talking to your CFO, intimately concerned with the most trivial to the most significant accounting of your business, and personal, affairs. I know they are managing many clients yet, with the efficiency of people like Jessica, I can’t help wonder if I’m the only person they’re worrying about. In the over two decades I have been incorporated, I finally feel I can happily do what I do best, and let Shaelene and her team keep my Books In Line.”

Doug T

“I met Shaelene about four years ago through CFIB. As a small business advisor, I am always seeking out professionals who will be a good fit for my customers. Shaelene is perfect in this role. I have referred many customers over years, and the feedback I have received is outstanding. So much so, that I decided to place my own personal business with her. And eventually, a small consulting company which I chose to open with Shaelene’s advice and guidance. I am happy to say, I have recently referred a very close friend who decided to open her own business as well. Watch out Shaelene, more business to follow!”

Andrea B

“The entire team at Books in line are amazing.

from the first appointment she put me at ease. I no longer need to worry about my business book keeping or taxes. Thank you!”

Jessica K

“I’m the proud owner of Paintastic! When I started my company and saw my revenues and expenditures sprawl all over the place, I knew I needed more performance from an accountant. I was receiving poor customer service with my former accountant and while this painful experience was going on, I was then introduced to Shaelene McInnis and her team!

Immediately I was moved and impressed with the concierge treatment I received for being a ‘little guy’. I was looking for somebody to hold my hand during my business growth…people to educate me.

This team is now my ‘power team’! I’ve become more organized and cared for by this great accounting team of women. I see how Shaelene empowers her staff, as well as her clients. She is very professional and great at networking. And she’s not just about accounting…she understands representation.

I could write a novel about how I feel and why anyone should be using Books In Line!

I love Books In Line, what more can I say!”

Joey Tavares | Owner Paintastic!

“I have been a client of Books In Line for a few years now and Shaelene has always been with me from the the beginning, and now as we’re growing. She is always there when you have questions, need advice, or need an expert. Today, we discussed incorporating and hiring staff. Of course, she knew everything! If you need advice, call Shaelene at Books In Line!”

Tiziana Knox

“I have been getting my taxes from Shaelene for the past 3 or 4 years. Shaelene and her team are an amazing group who are friendly and very knowledgeable. Shaelene is one amazing lady and she knows her stuff. She is very good at what she does and she truly cares about you. Thank you Shaelene xo.”

Karen Sharp Mcintosh

“Great as usual and answered a few book keeping questions I had this year as well. Thanks Shaelene and Staff!”

Eric Aston

“Found Books In Line last year through amazing recommendations and after meeting with Shaelene and her staff I was confident in switching my business to work with them. 

I own two of my own business and the team at Books In Line had everything sorted and submitted with no hassle – which I will admit was a weight off of me. I saved more money than I had thought I would.

I can’t recommend Books In Line enough – they are also available to answer tax questions throughout the year – no matter how strange – quickly and accurately.

If your looking for a book keeping service or accountant for business or personal I highly recommend Books In Line.”

Sabrina Leeder | Owner Preston Gallery

“I highly recommend the team at Books In Line for small business bookkeeping. I have been trusting them to do my bookkeeping and filing of my business and personal taxes for many years! The investment I am making is well worth it as it frees up time for me to work on servicing my HR clients!”

Sara Bibb, CEO & Founder MKS HR Consulting

“I’ve been dealing with Books in Line and their wonderful staff for three years. They are knowledgeable, ethical and provide excellent customer service. They follow the rules which means that I know that I will never get in trouble with the CRA come tax time.

I would HIGHLY recommend this company.”

Lorraine Crowston

“Three years ago, was the first time that I met with the staff of Books in Line. I was behind on my personal taxes and filing for the first time as a small business owner. Both these factors had me panicking. The Books in Line staff were so professional and understanding that after my first meeting with them, I was no longer panicking but feeling confident about taxes.

Taxation time never stresses me anymore as I have complete trust and faith in the staff at Books in Line.
And even when it isn’t tax time, Shaelene is always available to answer all questions that I might have at no extra cost.
I highly recommend using Books in Line services for personal and business.”

Joanne Reeder

“Shaelene and team at books in line are a pleasure to deal with. I have full confidence that my bookkeeping needs are in great hands. In particular they have been wonderful helping me navigate the unique taxation needs of a direct selling small business. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Books in Line and in fact do so quite often.”

Teresa Allen

“I will tell you, bookkeeping is the one thing I dislike the most about entrepreneurship! It was my goal for early 2018 to take that off my plate and get help!! Thank you, Shaelene and team, for your patience, your expertise and your accuracy!! I’m now caught up and on track with an amazing system! I have never felt calmer about the financial side of my business.”

Marlene Marco

“My husband and I have used books in line for over 5 years now and even though we moved over an hour away last year we still used them and plan on continuing to use them! They are incredibly fast, understanding, Patient and do an amazing job at explaining every question that you ask until you completely understand everything that is being done and needs to be done in the future!”

Danielle Carmichael

“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Shaelene speak a few times at different events. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, but she is kind and has a way of explaining things that makes it easy to understand. I highly recommend her and her friendly staff to my clients, friends, and family.”

Hannah Stojanovski

I was such a mess. Two years behind and had never filed for one of my businesses… but Shaelene’s team were amazing. So patient answering all of my questions and once I finally got them my documents, it was so fast! I will never go anywhere else!

Danielle Hines

“Shaelene and the team at BIL are always very helpful and flexible. I have been using them for over 7 years for our Commercial Retail Construction company. I know I can always count on them.”

Mary Justynski

“I’ve been using Books In Line for a few years and consistently receive professional, prompt and knowledgeable service. Great, friendly team.”

The Whitby Soap Company

“During a very frustrating time after we trusted someone to do our taxes..whom that individual left us high and dry to set what they had done straight…Shaelene and her team came to my husband n I rescue. They set our minds at ease..took over and made things right. That in itself was what we needed and to this date keeps us going back year after year. Thank you Shaelene and team. Highly reccomand Books In Line. WE TRUST Them.”

Nicole Whiffen