Shaelene’s Tax Tip of the Week – August 16th


“The “best” investment is going to depend on your individual financial situation and goals. Remember: With a TFSA, you pay tax on money you’ve earned before you make a contribution: and with an RRSP you get a tax refund now on money you contribute, but will have to pay tax later, on money you withdraw from the plan. This difference, along with your income, your investment timeline, and other factors will all contribute to making the right decision for your investment dollars. You may find that you can use both vehicles simultaneously.”

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CERB Battles: Over 1000 Canadians Challenge CRA in Court, and a Few Win

Did you know that more than 1000 Canadians have taken the CRA to court over CERB payments?

The government’s subsequent efforts to reclaim pandemic funds from individuals it now considers ineligible paved the way for over 1,000 legal disputes in the Federal Court, involving claimants and the Canada Revenue Agency.


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