Shaelene’s Tax Tip of the Week – February 3rd

Books In Line
If you are a small business and received any of the COVID-19 emergency relief programs, which include CEWS, CERS, CECRA, CRB, and the Canada Emergency Business Account loan, your tax obligations will be higher, as all subsidies received will be treated as revenue. Call Books In Line at 905-571-2665 if you are feeling overwhelmed or require assistance with your 2020 taxes.
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Shaelene’s Tax Tip of the Week – March 18th

Protect yourself against scammers! The CRA will never send you an e-mail with a link unless you personally request a transcript via your phone call. They will never ask for personal information via text or e-mail. Additionally, the CRA will never request payments via pre-paid credit cards, or ask you to provide the tax information of a family member without their consent.

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